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Item List

Dual Tip Brush Markers

These markers are the BEST dual tip brush markers. They blend and shade seamlessly, and they come in SO many colors and shades. They are worth the splurge!

Metallic Watercolor paint

I love metallic watercolors! they are fun to create with and have a wonderful metallic shine when they dry.

Small brush pens for calligraphy

Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens are THE BEST for thin lines and learning calligraphy. The brush tip is sturdier than the Tombow marker brushes which makes it very user friendly for lettering or smaller works of art.

Watercolor brushes for adults

These brushes are so perfect for creating a precise stroke of watercolor paint. The size and quality of these paintbrushes make them stand out.

Watercolor paint for kids

These are such great quality watercolors for the price! Perfect for students and artists alike.

Watercolor paper for adults

This is high quality watercolor paper. Very thick and sturdy. I use this for table settings and works of art.

Watercolor paper for kids

This watercolor paper is perfect for students of all ages. I use this for art camp all summer! It comes in bulk and it is great quality-not too thick, not too thin.

Watercolors for adults

These watercolors are so saturated that you do not need much pigment on your brush to get a beautiful painting.

White Gel Pen

Jelly Roll Pens are my favorite gel pens! The ink is rich and will cover any color. I like the size 10 because of the ball point is smoother than the smaller versions.

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