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Please fill out this event interest form with as much detail as possible. Artisic-Lee will get back to you soon!


Artistic-Lee will be in touch soon!


  • How much do you charge for art parties?
    The first 10 guests (including the guest of honor) is $250. Each additional guest is $15 per person.
  • How many guests can I have at my art party?
    Including the guest of honor, you can have as many as 30 guests at one party.
  • Where do you have your art parties?
    Most art parties are conducted in a location of your choosing. Either your home or another location you will provide such as a park or a playground.
  • Can I host a party at the Artistic-Lee Studio?
    You can host an adult or child group at the Artistic-Lee Studio, but there is not room for a full birthday party with a cake or extra decorations. The maximum number of attendees is 12 if you want to have the event at the Artistic-Lee Studio.
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